almost there

hey i'm here in london. lots of fun here, and the people speak something resembling my language... huge place here, lots of time on the subway (or tube i guess) which is interesting because every day they seem to completely shut of service to a major area so you have to figure out an alternate and completely backwards way of going where you want. keeps things interesting. yeah probably the worst subways i've experienced. 4 pounds for a single ride between two zones for this crap experience. did that a few times before buying the day passes which are a bit cheaper. yeah it's expensive as hell here. 2.20 a pint at the cheapest place i've found. i was sitting in a pub and dropped a coin which rolled away and dissapeared in the darkness. not a big deal in the US, but then i realized it was a 2 pound coin. 4 bucks gone like that! ah you'll drive yourself crazy like that though. gotta get a train to paris tomorrow for my last days on this trip. flying back on the 25th, and honestly i can't wait. had a great time over here but man, it's no holiday, it's fuckin work! i feel like i could be a travel agent now! every couple days going to a strange place (usually a really large city) and finding your way around, finding a place to stay, to eat, people who speak english to talk to (easier here in england), figuring out transportation, finding the sights (never been to so many museums), washing clothes in the shower or sink, always keeping an eye on all of your belongings, living like a fuckin hobo... ah i don't mean to sound sore, i've had the time of my life. i've had about enough though i think. maybe i'll go home and sleep for a week or so. have lots of great pics from amsterdam, brussels, and london, but like everywhere else, this place uses pcs, which make it impossible to figure out how to do a simple thing like uploading photos to a website. frustrating as hell.... windows must be the most backwards and counterintuitive interface ever concieved. but i guess i'm just one of those snobby yuppie mac dicks. hopefully i'll find someplace to put these photos up cause i know this blog has been pretty freaking boring for whoever has bothered to look (hi mom and dad)... been trying to do some artwork as well which might be interesting to see, but it's mostly in pencil which doesn't really photograph. just doodles really... hard to find the time to sit down and actually do something for real when one is occupied with all the things that are involved in travelling and living day to day. oh well, like i said, can't wait to get back and see you all, whoever....................



so here i am in copenhagen. not the best weather in the world but a really cool city nonetheless. lots of bicycles, nice buildings, tons of cool little shops etc... what' not pictured is christiana, which is this crazy little community in the city where in the 70's a bunch of hippies started living in these old military buildings. now it's the "free town of christiana." it claims to be completely autonomus from the eu and they've even got their own stamps (though you can only use them in christiana). lots of painted signs and graffiti (several telling you it's not cool to take pictures there) and workshops/ studios. strange place for sure. apparently there's a movement among the conservatives to "normalize" the area.... one cafe i stopped in advertised that they have had over 6000 armed police inspections, claiming to be the "safest cafe in the world."


some of the sights in berlin... sorry about the messy layout, i have no idea how to move around pictures on here... check out the horses grazing in the middle of the city. it's almost impossible to walk around in berlin, but it would be bad ass to see from horseback...