I've been keeping a sketchbook at school that I'll sometimes find spare time to draw in.



"Ajumma," (auntie) is an endearing term used for older Korean women known for their adventurous style sense, permed hair, and typically fierce demeanor.

This is a quick sketch I did in Photoshop (my 2nd attempt trying to actually do artwork with the program....) Still trying to figure out how to approach shading... Right now I'm pretty much just blending the colors together, but I think it turns out a bit too smooth and vague sometimes...


Fresh Work From Korea

Here's my first attempt at working completely digitally. I haven't gotten a scanner here yet, so I haven't been able to post any of the things I've been doing "the old fashioned way," but I did bring along my wacom tablet. I decided to sit down and try to actually figure out how to work with the thing, and this is what I drew. Everything from the preliminary sketch to the line work to the color was done in photoshop. It's a strange thing to get used to, drawing on something other than what you're looking at, but I'm slowly getting used to it. Also, I'm learning how to use photoshop to color a little more in depth. There are areas here that are kinda lazy or sloppy looking and sketched in, but overall, I'm pretty happy with this as a first attempt.