dr. sketchy!

here are some drawings i did in a life drawing session of dr. sketchy's anti-art school. dr. sketchy is a thing that happens in a bunch of cities across the us that is more about having fun than the stiff academic life drawing classes we're used to. the session was at a local cafe, so we could all have a drink and draw. good atmosphere. the model, bunny was in drag and there was a dj spinning some of the most dated 80s and 90s music you thought you forgot about. anyway, this was my first time drawing from a live model in over a year, and man, i was rusty. in any case, it was a lot of fun and i'm looking forward to the next one.


he was not only a scientist and a writer, but an ALIEN too!

this started out as a portrait of arthur c. clark. the likeness really got lost, but i liked the character and decided to go with it anyway.