A friend of mine recently graduated college, and, as he is a fan of Doctor Thompson, I drew this up for him. I'm not quite sure I really got the likeness, but it's still pretty impossible to mistake.


I've been reading Oliver Twist lately, and Dickens really gives the reader a great description of the characters he writes about. I wanted to post this before I ruin it attempting to paint it with watercolor.


From a painting by Whistler, some lady in a hat.



I went to visit my high school yesterday for the first time since I graduated eight years ago. My senior year I painted Sargent's "Lady With A Rose" on the wall of one of the hallways. Unfortunately, some renovations were done and the thing was painted over at some point. As a bit of nostalgia I did this study.


Trying to keep those drawing chops in check, doing some more traditional stuff like this blue lady.