I was looking through a book of old Thomas Eakins photographs and found a series of portraits of Walt Whitman. I was so impressed by his beard, I had to draw it myself.
Lightnin' Hopkins


Something I'm working on... My own take on those old 19th century absinthe posters. Still trying to work on a color strategy that looks a little more natural.


Just some odds and ends I had laying around. Nothing special.


Inspired by the Tom Waits song "The Black Rider". I'm really not sure what the song is about, but this is what came to mind...


A toast! Obviously not finished yet. Trying to get that moment before things get awkward. Digital ink, color hopefully coming soon.
Not sure who this guy is... A Wyatt Earp/Indiana Jones macho man type I guess. Rainy day today. Everything is digital. Looking at it again I guess the color could be punched up a bit...



Trying to get into updating this thing again regularly. I've been doing a lot of work recently, but I've had a bit of trouble finishing one particular thing. So, to get things started again, I thought I'd put up this steam-punk helicopter/motorcycle thing.